Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl 52 Play By Play Word Art Poster

Handwritten Play By Play of The Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl 52 win. This poster took me 42 hours to make. UNDERDOGS

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Words: This piece is hand written, it reads exactly how the announcers Called the Super Bowl Game where the Philadelphia Eagles Beat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 52 with Nick Foles as a Backup Quarterback.

Why This Piece:

So everyone can relive the greatest moment in Philadelphia Sports History by reading this poster. This is history we made and you never know how long it will be until we see another Super Bowl so I had to make this poster because it really means so much to me. This took me 44 hours of long hard labor to painstakingly write out, but in the end it was all worth it because it is a beautiful masterpiece that is Unique, Rare, and a Conversation starter. This is probably my favorite piece of Art work i have ever done and it looks absolutely amazing hung up in a frame. This is the Perfect Fathers Day Gift!

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